Born in The Whitsundays

Founded in the heart of Australia, our brand is dedicated to harnessing the power of eco-friendly practices to offer products that provide exceptional protection from the sun's harsh rays.

At Oze Sun, we are passionate about creating innovative sun care solutions that cater to the needs of families, active individuals, and beauty enthusiasts alike. 

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to provide a convenient, effective, and sustainable way to keep your skin safe while enjoying the great outdoors. We understand the unique challenges posed by the Australian climate and the importance of reliable sun protection for everyone, especially for families with young children and those with active lifestyles.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation is reflected in our flagship product, the Oze Sun Sunscreen Brush. This refillable brush is designed to offer a mess-free and hassle-free application, making it easier than ever to stay protected on the go. Made with ultra-soft synthetic bristles, our vegan and cruelty-free brush ensures a gentle and precise application every time.

At Oze Sun, we believe in the power of nature and the importance of preserving it. That's why we prioritise eco-friendly materials and practices in everything we do. Our products are not only designed to protect your skin but also to minimise our impact on the environment.

Join us on our journey to embrace the sun safely and responsibly. With Oze Sun, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while knowing that you and your loved ones are well-protected. Let's go beyond sun protection and make every moment under the sun a cherished one.

Meet Zoe Wood, the passionate founder of Oze Sun. As an avid lover of the outdoors and an advocate for an active lifestyle, Zoe understands the importance of reliable sun protection. With a young son and a personal journey that includes overcoming acne and discovering a deep love for skincare, Zoe's values align with Oze Sun’s mission. Dedicated to providing families with eco-friendly and effective sun care solutions, Zoe is committed to helping others embrace the sun safely and responsibly.